SquillionSoft - Infinite Innovative Solutions

Squillionsoft has over 8 years of experience in IT Software consulting, software development, product development, Web development. We have provided our services across many countries in world. With our offices spanned at various location, we have delivered services and solutions with excellence, delivering quality and gaining the confidence of our clients.

Some of our clients include business from industry verticals like Healthcare, Telecommunications, Banking & Finance, Insurance, E-learning, Manufacturing, Hi Tech, IT solutions & consultancy organizations etc.

Squillionsoft provides solutions on various technologies such as Java, Dot Net, Mainframes, Oracle, ERP, SAP, Datawarehouse etc.

Enterprise application Integration

There is a need to integrate latest application components together to run a powerful, seamless business. This helps organization drive and run their businesses efficiently. Squillionsoft has a proven experience in providing its services in following areas of application integration.

At squillionsoft, we help with defining requirements, writing specifications & creating a design. We have an expertise to build, test and integrate software across multiple platforms. We adept in newest technical solutions, frameworks and methodologies, use our best practices and skilled resources and knowledge to deliver the best.
By integrating multiple applications, you will be able to reduce business cycle times, achieve higher performance and increase flexibility.

Our understanding on system oriented architecture (SOA), business process management (BPM) and Enterprise service bus (ESB) helped us deliver cutting edge technology solutions to major markets across globe so some of the very big customers. Squillionsoft has an experience in implementing end to end SOA based services and applications. Our experienced professionals will be there to help you streamline the necessary IT processes, helping your businesses attain what you are looking through IT investments. SOA reusability help pay you back on your investments in less than an years time and our consultants provide necessary solutions to make that happen.